About Us

Minimal Rooms was founded as a result of the constant pursuit of a dream and the surprising spontaneity of chance.

Minimal Rooms is a reality thanks to the thorough and dedicated effort in offering our customers a lodging concept based on a commitment to solve the usual discomfort of not feeling at home when travelling.

Discovery of new and surprising places has always kept the traveling illusion alive. This is why a day of tourism never ends without having exhausted feet showing us the way back home. And that is precisely the moment which has always motivated us to fly high to achieve a great dream, Minimal Rooms. Being able to offer customers, whatever their idea of comfort, a space where they can find their own home. A special accommodation that’s become itself, a compelling reason to return from a “new world for their eyes” and they will find the essence of a “place” in which to regain strength and not feel like they are in some else’s home. Minimal Rooms, a space where you can find a compelling reason to return.

Welcome to Minimal Rooms, a unique experience of rental apartments in Malaga, where special details turn into unforgettable memories.